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Brimstone Hotel reviews from 2 very different publications

Whatever the reason, be it a special occasion or just because, Brimstone Hotel on the Langdale Estate is failing to disappoint its guests.

Social media, TripAdvisor and journalists can’t write a positive review fast enough on their Brimstone experience with many guests taking to social media whilst actually staying at the hotel to praise various services and specialities.


In the last 2 months 2 very different journalists and bloggers have stayed showing just how diverse a clientele Brimstone have. Firstly, a review from 2 worn out parents published on Junior Magazine, a “glossy, family lifestyle website”. Brimstone Hotel is a child free hotel making it the perfect escape for parents. The couple who stayed have an 18 month old boy so a night of relaxation, luxury, peacefulness and no mess was going to be heavenly. The review was sparkling from the lighting choices to the balcony, food and views.

luxury hotel suite lake district

Fireside Suite – Brimstone

Onto the second review and a somewhat different publication in It’s Rude to Stare, a “unique online lifestyle guide……. offering you a digestible few of our favourite discoveries in music, restaurants, bars, clubs, art, culture, people to watch and events.” Melissa was the lucky author along with her partner who stayed at Brimstone. The in depth review/write up highlighted everything Brimstone does that sets it apart from the rest along with extensive images taken of their stay. Summing the hotel up, Melissa wrote: “There are various little touches that really make your stay memorable and it’s a hotel I can imagine myself returning to again and again.”

So it goes to show if you’re young, old, parents, funky hipsters, celebrities, or joe blogs, Brimstone is accessible to all and most importantly, enjoyed by all.

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